Fields of Apostolate

Society of Nirmala Dasi Sisters is a community which undertakes most needed humanitarian services in the diocese as per the directions of the Local Ordinaries. We try to find the crucified Christ in the less privileged and marginalized in the society.

Following are our fields of apostolate:

Service for unwed mothers:

Unwed Ladies heavy with child are neglected from the families; we open the door for these ladies in their dependent and desperate situation. We take care of the ladies and provide them sufficient safety for their safe and sound delivery.

Service to the destitute babies: 

Sisters are concerned to have an over look on the destitute babies in their rootless journey. Some times babies discarded from the mother particularly unwed mothers, and from broken families are the inmates of our destitute homes.

Leprosy Rehabilitation Centres: 

Leprosy affected patients are mistreated in their family and beloveds. In such cases sisters are to be bothered of the patients for their treatment and rehabilitation by self-help schemes like handicrafts petty shops etc,

Mentally and physically challenged persons: 

Handicap is not a curse. Some times the handicap people are treated in the family as a hopeless being. Most of the handicap people are from lower strata of the Society. For running their lively hood they are compelled to go for labor. In such cases we offer them our help by looking after them in special schools, training them to develop self help skills and also by vocational training

Persons living with HIV/AIDS: 
Now a days the situation of HIV/AIDS affected persons is a life threatening state. Some of the HIV affected victims are innocent sufferers. Most of the affected cases are discarded from their life partners or other family members. When they come to know the crucial reality that their days are numbered our sisters look after these HIV/AIDS affected victims and their related affected diseases. The agony of the mind is very pathetic than their physical sufferings. The sisters are guiding them for their needs and prepare them for a peaceful death.

De-addiction centers: 
Drug addicts are numerous everywhere in this world. Drug addicted cases are harmful and they destroy their own life and of others. Their family is destroyed gradually and the life situation becomes very crucial. By the treatment and counseling, the whole family could be saved and lead a peaceful life.

Home for the Aged people: 

A security feeling of body and mind is an important factor for an individual. Our main objective of caring the aged people is to provide human rights of love, concern, social and emotional security. Most of the grandmothers or unwed ladies are discarded from their family after their healthy state of body or when they are not able to work any more.

Service among Slum dwellers: 

People living in slums are not bothered of their moral life, safety, security, education and so on. Nirmala Dasi sisters accept the challenge of living together with them in the slums and give them direction for a healthy and happy life in the society.

Mentally ill people: 

Mentally ill people are not accepted and cared in their own families. Some of them are ill-treated, physically abused and even thrown out from the families. In this situation our sisters are there to accept them to look after these less privileged ones. Treatment, vocational training and other rehabilitation programmes

Parish Ministry: 

Nirmala Dasi sisters also extend our services to various parish ministries by availing ourselves for family visits, Teaching Catechism, Awareness Classes for women and children etc. 

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