Szuz Maria Gondozohaz (Nirmala Care Home)

In the year 1992 through the T.V Programme Rev. Dr. George Kis narrated the life of Hungarians afther the Russian Calamity. It was very touching and influenced Rev. Fr. Joseph Cheruvil an Indian priest who was working in Germany. Fr. Joseph Cheruvil shared it to Fr. John Ayyankanayil, Thrissur, on his service with Fr. Joseph Cheruvil in Germany.  They together shared this incident to Mar Joseph Kundukulam in the year 1993 during his visit to Germany. Suddenly Mar Joseph Kundukulam, Our beloved Founder, decided to send 4 sisters to Hungary for their total development. On 5th June 1994 four sisters flew to Hungary for serving the poor there.

Sisters worked there about 14 years for Maltecian Charitable Society in an aged home. During this period the people of this area invited our sisters to a new centre for the old and sick people in Adonje Village. With the concent of Archbishop of Zekesfehervar-Rev. Thokkach Nanthore, our sisters extended service to Adonje on 19th March 1997. In Adonje Village also we started our parish work, caring the old and sick people in the home, caring babies etc.  

Maltecian Society found it difficult to manage the centre without Government registration. The society decided to send the inmates in the centre to different registerd homes and terminate the existing centre. This centre Bakonyzentlszlo terminated on 15th August 2008 and sisters accommodated in the Adony House.

During this period the Almighty helped our sisters to find a new solace in Adony 40 Km on the way to Dunaujvsros Town in Szekesfehervar (Dist).  We bought 3428 square meters of land and a small home for our service. Later in the year 2002 Sisters started our charity work for the sick and old people in our own building

Sisters constructed a new building named ‘Nirmala Care Home’ for the Old (szuz Maria Gondozohaz) with an accommodation for 26 inmates. The house was blessed on 8th December 2002 by Spanyian Antal Bishop of Bakonyzentlszlo and started service with 10 inmates. Considering the urgent need of the area, we planned to extend the area of accommodation.  The newly extended facility will be completed on December 2013 and it can accommodate an additional 24 inmates. This centre runs with the grant in aid from Hungarian Government. There are 12 workers there including 6 outside employees serving generously for the cause of old and sick inmates.                

We are rendering our service in the old age home, sacristian, home visits, conducting Prayer group meetings, helping in the nursary school,  etc in that area.

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