Bethsaida Kenya

Bethsaida Home is located 12 km away from Kitengela town, a part of Kajiado district, Kenya. It is a semi arid area used for industries and seasonal pastures of the Maasai tribe herds. The location is close to the industries and houses of their workers. The population has grown over four times the number  it had in the year 2000 and it continues growing, in a mixture of either very poor people, mainly workers of the surrounding industries and Maasai population, and well- off Kenyans and Indians working in Nairobi, building their big residence in Kitengela, attracted by the cheaper prices of the land.

In the year 1983 we have extended our service to Northern Kenya especially to Wamba, Korr, Ngaremara, Sagana, etc (totally remote and desert area)  to work among the down trodden and the neglected people form the society under different Diocese of  Kenya. Our society has no home or institutes as our own in Kenya-Africa and we are working under the Dioceses. Later the Society has decided to start a home for the aged and destitute with an accommodation of 30 inmates, which is a need of the particular area at Kitengela in the Diocese of Ngong- Kenya.

It is really a great need of the place of Kitengela, Kajiado District, Kenya to have a home for the aged and Disabled. Many are rejected by their own family and beloved ones and seeking a place to make their remaining life happy and peaceful.

Bethsaida Home for the elderly was completed through the support of well wishers and benefactors. The centre, Bethsaida was opened on 6th June 2011, by our Cardinal John Njue. At present we have 15 inmates, and many are in the waiting list. Most of them are from Nairobi Street with the letter of police or Government authorities. Some of them are psychiatric cases.

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