Nirmala Bhavan - Jagadgirigutta

Nirmala Bhavan - Jagadgirigutta

About the Convent :
Nirmala Bhavan- Jagadgirigutta is a Kindergarten centre - 14 kilometers away from Secunderabad city. It is under Hyderabad Archdiocese in Great Hyderabad Municipal Corporation. It is an industrial area and highly populated area. There are lots of industries surrounded the convent. People in this area are from different district, villages and States. Catholics are few in numbers.

Our heavenly Patron is Our Lady of Immaculate Conception.

Our Mission: 
6 sisters in our community working for the drug addicts and alcoholics. Our main service area is in the slums of Hyderabad region. We have a De-addiction centre and a Kindergarten run with the support of Hyderabad Archdioceses social service Society.

Convent History: 
Rev. Dr. August Beine is a German Orthopedic Doctor, working in a Leprosy hospital at Kukatpally in Hyderabad. He is not only a Surgeon but also a priest in the Holy Spirit religious congregation. He is dedicated, sympathetic, and compassionate towards the poor specially lepers and addicted to alcohol, smoking etc. He had an ardent desire to start a centre for them. For this Rev. Doctor donated a gift to our Society. As a result of this Society of Nirmala Dasi Sisters started Nirmala Bhavan Convent. 

Nirmala Bhavan started on 8th September 1998 at Jagadgiri Gutta. At the beginning this locality was extremely backward area and there are no schools, Bus Stands, churches, market, shops, roads, No supply of water and Electricity etc,. This area looked like a small forest and a rocky area. The children in this area are not getting proper care and primary education. It was an urgent need of those days to start a kindergarten. We also find the need to start a clinic for the drunkards. We are also supported by the Hyderabad Archdiocese.

Previous Administrators:

1998- 2008 Rev. Sr. Lucy Nellissery




Rev. Sr. Rosamma Mangalassery

Sr. Rosamma Chirappurath

Sr. Lucy Nellissery

In the beginning it was very difficult to get connection for electricity, water supply, Telephone connection, etc,. As a result of the hard work we got supply of electricity, water and telephone. The locality also developed a lot. We constructed a small building with 3 room’s nursery, LKG and UKG.

Helping hands:
General people are supporting our centre and our own source.

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