Karunyasadan - Paloorkotta

Karunyasadan - Paloorkotta

The home “Karunya Sadan” meaning Home of compassion in Thamarassery diocese at Paloorkotta, which is 30 Kilometers away from Town area, is a home for the aged and sick elderly women situated in Malappuram District. This home is meant merely for aged women those who are not looked after by their own family members.

The aim of this home is to stimulate light in the hearts of our desperate elders, those who spent their life and energy for their beloveds, is the duty of our society to be with them in their distress. So we take up this as a challenge to give them whatever we have and make them happy.

Heavenly Patroness: Our heavenly Patron Jesus – Lord of Mercy.

At present 15 inmates getting care from our institute. It can accommodate 30 grandmas. 4 of our Sisters are working for the care of the inmates.

Activity details:
1. Karunyasadan : As the inmates of Karunyasadan are old and sick women, they are in need of other’s help for their day to day life. Love, concern, and social security are the main services we try to provide them along with their daily needs. Thus they get solace from their neglected life. In spite of recreational activities, they would be provided time for spiritual and self-awareness programs.

2. Parish Ministry: One of the apostolate of Nirmala Dasi Sister’s Community is service in the parish ministries. We try to find Christ in the less privileged and marginalized in Society. We extend our services to the various parish ministries by availing ourselves for family visits, teaching catechism, conducting awareness Classes for women, and children etc.

Source of Funds:
Karunalayam is purely maintained with the help of its well wishers.

Previous Administrators
2006-2011 Sr. Elsy Chowallur

2011-2012 Sr. Pushpa Neelankavil

2012-2014 Sr. Saly Vellakkadayil

2014-2017 Sr. Shiny Karakkatt

2017-        Sr. Kochumary Kuttikkatt

One family at Perinthalmanna generously donated us our community (Society of Nirmala Dasi Sisters) one acre of land and a small old home freely to serve the poor. This family is very close to our society and as recognition to our work they donated the land for starting a charitable work in Thamarassery Diocese. Initially we have done some pastoral work and family visits in the parish. After making a relation with local people we found out that there is a need to care aged women who are neglected in the families. With the financial assistance from an agency KOCH foundation and local support, we have constructed  an old age home in this place. 

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