Our Founders

Our Founders

The Society of Nirmala Dasi Sisters community was founded by
Rt. Rev. Joseph Kundukulam and his co-founder Msgr. Joseph Vilangadan


Mar. Joseph Kundukulam
(Our Beloved Founder)

Born :
Ordination : 20/12/1942
Episcopal Consecration : 16-08-1970
1st Metropolitan Archbishop of Thrissur Archdiocese :21-08-1995
Death : 26/04/1998

Society of Nirmala Dasi Sisters was founded by late Rt. Rev. Dr. Joseph Kundukulam, the first Archbishop of Thrissur in 1971. It was at Pullazhy, a small village 6 kilometers west to Thrissur town. He was also known as the ‘Father of the poor’. St. Christina’s Home which was started by Fr. Joseph Kundukulam in1965 for the unwedded mothers and their infants in the diocese of Thrissur. This Home, by the providence of God, happened to be the first house of our society.


Msgr. Joseph Vilangadan D.C.L.
(Our Beloved Co-Founder)

Born : 18-08-1926
Ordination :
Domestic Prelate :
Death : 

Fr. Joseph Vilangadan was appointed as the first director of Christina’s Home. There were some young ladies who served these mothers. Holy spirit inspired them to plant a seed for the girls who have dedicated their lives to serve the women and the babies. They were eagerly waiting for the divine call to religious life. These girls constantly requested Fr. Joseph Kundukulam and shared their wishes to dedicate themselves and to lead a life only for the service of God and His people

At that time C.M.C sisters were managing the house and guiding them. There were no sufficient sisters who could spare themselves to look after the babies and care for the ladies who are in a desperate situation. They were mentally very weak. It was a felt need to wipe off their tears since their hardships and bitterness of their experiences are too much for them to bear.

They were suffering a lot by the negligence from their own parents and relatives. The stigma in the society, the ill treatment of their beloveds, makes them more humiliated and thrown out.

Extending a helping hand to give them consolation, a touch of concern was needed to them. Fr. Joseph thought that this could be provided by such dedicated young ladies. A force within him leads him to step into such an opening away to these ladies. He shared the idea with Fr. Joseph Vilangadan. Hand in hand they worked for their aim and proceeded.

Many Struggles and trials they have faced and overcome. Their guiding light was the crucified Christ. They knelt before the Blessed sacrament to ask His graces to lead the flock to the good pastures.

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